Touch Screen : NIB Series

Fit for Variant and High Reliability
IR Touch Screen - NIB Series
10.4” ~ 19”
Fit for Variant and High Reliability
  • High Resolution (16,384 x 16,384)
  • Ultra High Speed : 4.5ms~15ms
  • Strong working under sunlight
  • Maintain Touch Features under frame distortion
  • Meet IP54 (Optional : Outdoor )
  • Standard Multi Touch through HID Communication
  • Support Multi Touch through Driver install
  • Easy Firmware Upgrade at customer site
Kiosk, Medical instrumentation, ATM, Retails, Commercial transportation, Advertising display, Signage display and many other industrial applications
Input Method Finger or gloved hand activation
Response Time
Position Accuracy Typical centroid accuracy 2.5㎜
Resolution Touch point density is based on controller resolution of 16, 384*16, 384
Touch Activation Force No minimum touch activation force
Operating Voltage DC 5V
Power 0.6W (Current) 12㎃ at DC 5V
Transmission 92% Up to 100%
Response Time under 10㎳
Touch Intensity Over 60,000,000 single point touch
Thicknes Of Glass 3.2㎜ / 5㎜ with anti-vandal
Temperature Operating -20℃ to 85℃ storage -40℃ to 85℃
Humidity Operating -20% to 85% storage 0~95%
Altitude Operating 3,000m
Seal Ability Can be sealed to meet NEMA and IP65 standard
Interface RS232(C) / USB
Multi Monitor Spilt, Dual, multi monitor support
Drift No drift
Mouse Click Right click function support
Warranty 3years - limited warranty